Planning with vision

In the City of Ljubljana, we have been focusing on spatial development since 2007, based on the Vision of Ljubljana 2025, and the strategic part of the Municipal Spatial Plan adopted in 2010. For a decade and a half, we have been following three fundamental directions, which are “Sustainable City”, “Ideal City” and “All-Slovenian Metropolis”.

At the same time, we actively respond to development needs and conservation restrictions in the area through spatial implementation acts: the implementation part of the Municipal Spatial Plan (OPN MOL ID) and its continuous changes and additions, as well as detailed municipal spatial plans (OPPN), and after 2018, location checks.

In 2022, we adopted the fourth amendment to the OPN MOL ID, which is the basic spatial act and determines the conditions for changes in land use for the entire municipality. The orderliness of the environment is also one of the most important goals of the City of Ljubljana.

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Foto: Stanko Gruden

Zoran Janković, The Mayor

»To me, Ljubljana is the most beautiful city in the world. You almost certainly already know this, and I believe that many of you feel the same way, because it is really nice to live and work in such a green, healthy, orderly, safe and open city, full of events where everyone can develop their talents and fulfil personal and career goals, where we know how to and want to live together, and at the same time respect each other’s differences.«